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Meet The Farmer

Meet The Farmer
Rob's buckwheat crop is flooded
Gary's buckwheat suffered due to the dry season

Kevin who grows chickpeas for Kialla, experienced drought during the growth season and the crop he planted did not yield enough to cover orders that we had from our customers.

Consequently we had to seek supplies from commodity traders to cover the shortfall. Unfortunately, because they don’t have traceability, we are unable to tell you who grew this specific batch of grain that you have.

We can tell you that your chickpeas are grown in India and we do know that the crops were grown according to strict organic certification standards because we only purchase from suppliers who can show they are certified by one of the official certifying bodies.

In the case of imported products, the farmers and processors in these countries must comply with Australia’s organic standards in order to be able to sell organic products into the country.

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