Mitch & Nina, Ellangowan, Qld

Meet The Farmer

Meet The Farmer

Mitch & Nina farm 486Ha of beautiful alluvial black soil at Ellangowan on Queensland’s fertile Darling Downs. They started the 3-year conversion to organics in late 2015 after conducting research into human health and toxins, and the farm is now A-Grade certified organic.

They grow millet for Kialla.

Now they’ve converted over they absolutely love farming organically. While it’s a new skill set for farmers to develop they consider it’s so worth it, because working with nature, rather than constantly trying to defeat it, is a very rewarding practice.

In 2018 they added Biodynamics to their management practices. Mitch & Nina are now dedicated to producing nutritionally dense food that is free of chemicals and they hope you enjoy eating it as much as they enjoy farming it!