Mitch & Nina, Ellangowan, Qld

Mitch & Nina farm 486Ha of beautiful alluvial black soil at Ellangowan on Queensland’s fertile Darling Dow […]

Geoff, Thallon, Qld

Geoff’s 1400 hectare farm is about 40km north of the NSW border, near the small town of Thallon on the W […]

Gary, Westmar, Qld

Gary farms about 250 hectares near St George in southwest Queensland, where he grows wheat, mung beans and buc […]

Steve, Harrisville, Qld

Steve farms 300 hectares in the lush Lockyer Valley between Brisbane and the Great Dividing Range. And while t […]

Geoff, Cecil Plains, Qld

Geoff initially went into organic farming after seeing the marked difference in price received for specialty o […]

Bruce, Roma, Qld

Bruce, his wife and young children live some 60km outside of Roma. They’ve been farming organically for […]

Talbot, Yuleba, Qld

Talbot’s family has been farming in the Yuleba area for about 100 years. Back then everything was &#8216 […]

Graham, Dalby, Qld

Graham’s family has been farming west of Dalby for 65 years, and the 571 hectare farm has been fully org […]

Fred, Greenmount, Qld

Fred farms about 200 hectares, very close to Kialla’s mill at Greenmount, near Toowoomba in Southern Que […]

Trader Wayne

Yes, ‘Trader Wayne’ sounds like someone from the Wild West – but he’s actually based i […]

Neil, Kingaroy, Qld

Neil grew up on a farm in the Kingaroy area but actually went into building and had a plastering business for […]

Kialla Farms, Theodore, Qld

Kialla’s 1200 hectare farm is about 30km south of Theodore in Central Qld. Half of the farm is currently […]

Phil, Westmar, Qld

Phil grows wheat, linseed and mung beans for Kialla on a 200 hectare farm east of St George. He actually share […]